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    Variable ND Lens Adapter
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    I've been looking at getting a new Variable ND Filter for my lenses but also thought of getting a VND thats also a lens adapter (Canon to Sony E, Canon to Micro 4/3)

    I use a Sony E mount (w/Canon lenses) but I'm going to be most likely getting a bmpcc4k and get the canon to micro 4/3 adapter with a speed booster.
    There's no speed booster with a built-in VND is there?
    Is that even possible?

    It would be nice if it was possible to make at least.
    I dont want a mattebox with ND's - It would be better to have a mattebox with a VND, but thats a lot of money.

    For the Sony camera, I can get a build in VND lens adapter, but not for the bmpcc.
    So that means I'd need to get a VND that mounts onto the lens?
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