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    From link in post #18:

    This one is striking Soviet design. Also it, if you will, reminds me of 50-60's era sci-fi films (ufo invasion).

    Different times back then.

    I should know this right now (tanks) but...
    (actuallly, is this ballpark? Because I 'didn't' know->
    Sherman's and Panthers are the most familiar.

    Great image. Kind of a classic in many ways isn't it now?

    I'll stop here but not for lack of interest. (Well maybe the obviously hot 80's Russian Woman)
    So many great thought provoking photos here.
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    I'll go from the top down -

    1) This was the main theater in Minsk. The city was mostly destroyed during WWII, as the retreating Germans had the 78th Sturm Division stuck in the city (that was on Hitler's orders, as he just wasted the elite infantry division for no reason) and, after they finally surrendered, the city was pretty much burned. The small wooden huts were part of the landscape in the city until the 1980's. In fact, my paternal grandmother, my paternal aunt with her family lived in a similar type dwelling. Their had electricity and, if I am not mistaken, running water.

    The theater itself was built in 1933-1938 and is still a major cultural center after several extensive remodeling jobs.

    2) The girl and the boy in a military uniform is the oldest photo there, dating to 1890 (according to the site). Likely from a well-to-do noble family.

    3) The parade is to commemorate the 15th year of Belarus "liberation" from the Polish occupation and is from 1935. It's in front of the Belarus Government Building. The building and the giant statue of Lenin are also still there.

    4) The tanks on the military parade were the license built British Vickers 6 Ton's (renamed as T-26 by the Soviets). As military weapons, they were quite useful in the 1930s but an easy pray for the German 37mm anti-tank guns once Barbarossa began.

    5) The last one is purportedly taken of the Soviet guerilla (or, as they are called there "partisans") fighters in 1943. I'd say this was a staged photo and taken significantly away from the German occupied territory, as the Germans were prone to guarding the better bridges and the body pose of the look out guy is not the one a look-out guy would take. Besides that, everyone is too clean and clean-shaven. In the real war, the appearances were the opposite.*

    *The same goes for most infantry soldiers.

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    Boris Smelov (1951-1998) was a Leningrad/St. Petersburg based art photographer.

    I just searched through Yahoo Images because one can pop them out.

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    It was thirty years ago today
    Moscow McD sold its first parfait.

    Or something like that. BBC reporting on the opening of the first Soviet McDonald's back in 1990.

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    Photos, most of Minsk, taken by the German military photographers in the summer of 1941.

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    Technically, not photos, but paintings by Vassily Kolotev, who portrayed the "seedy side" of the Soviet life. His work was prohibited until the late 1980's. He made a living as a tool&die worker instead.

    Warning -some of these paintings are NSFW and a bit on a dicey side. OK, more than a "bit".

    And since I have just found this site, more pictures to exhibit about the Soviet and the Soviet immigrant life by Zoya Cherkasski-Nnadi, a Kiev born Israeli painter. She's silly but cute, especially about her depiction of the Soviet 1980's.

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    A reprint from the Russian Cosmopolitan - photos and text (photos look to be from the mid-late 80's, where the store shelves got empty, while the private outdoor markets got really expensive)

    Edit - ran it through Google Translate into English. It came out pretty well.
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    Photos of the female college students - some are clearly staged - over the years.

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    Minsk, "slice of life" photos from the 1980's.

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    So, in the summer of 1974, one Richard Milhous Nixon rolled into Minsk. Associated Press rolled in with him and took some B-roll footage for their coverage of a sitting US president. No audio.

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