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    GoPro Hero 7 Timelapse
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    I was asked by a client to film a 1 week timelapse of an interior construction site. It was all very last minute and the best solution I could come up with was my GoPro 7 hooked up to a large vmount for power. I used a 256GB micro SD card which is wayyyy larger than is needed for 30 second intervals. I wasn't sure how long the external battery would last (177wh). I set it up and check in on it 2 days later (thinking the battery already died). When I arrived, the camera was off, however, the battery still had half it's juice. I checked hte camera and it looked like it was recording for 31 hours before it stopped.

    I'm trying to figure out why it turned off if there was still battery left and plenty of memory. Any thoughts? I've expereinced glitches with GoPros in the past so my best guess is that either it overheated, there was a write glitch or someone came along and turned it off.
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    I'm amazed you got 31 hours as you did. I think gopros are super glitchy, and have been since the 4-5 versions. I would guess that it overheated from just running too long. If I were doing anything crazy like that, I'd try to have 2-3 gopros running assuming 1-2 will shutoff for some random reason. My 7 just started showing 0% battery once it gets fully charged, and if I leave it on for like 15 seconds, then it goes to 100%.

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