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    Quote Originally Posted by DLD View Post
    For video shooters looking for affordable gear, Canon is rumored to come out with C100 MKIII. Its specs are unknown but will probably be on the FS-5 level - 4K with XF-AVC or CRL.
    If it's reasonable cost, I'd be all over that as a B-cam for our C200! I actually find the "sub-par" spec XF-AVC video from the C200 to be really good, good enough for 80% of situations overall. Sure, sometimes we want to shoot RAW. But for client needs
    RAW is often overkill and all that matters is if the footage looks good, not if it's 4:2:2 or 10-bit. In putting together demo reels, I am still really happy even with our C100 MKIs AVCHD from a few years ago, that was and still is a great little camera.
    It's a business first and a creative outlet second.
    G.A.S. destroys lives. Stop buying gear that doesn't make you money.

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    Or, considering that there are several 6K cameras already on the market for as low as $2,000, Canon could just rename C200 as C100 MKIII and bring out C200 MKII with a 6K CRL.

    PS There is a new king of shaky, out of focus footage in Sigma fp. When in focus and on a tripod, however, its 12-bit DNG looks gorgeous.

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