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    Finally finished a short film... sort of
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    For more than 2 years, I've been working on a short film called "Rendezvous." It was written by Seth Kozak, and when I met Seth in 2017, he had about 2/3s of the film shot. Nothing had been done on it since that first round of shooting in 2015, so I started editing what he had so that we could figure out what needed to be done. In Oct. 2017, we shot the remaining 1/3 of the film -- I was the DP for that shoot, and we did it with a Panasonic GH3. (The initial shoot for the film was done with a Sony camera... I really don't know which model.) Several driving clips are from stock sources, such as the ending drive-off drone shot.

    The film will be entered into a festival somewhere in the next couple of weeks, so I needed to complete the editing. We have been close to being done for a couple of months, but there is always a reason to wait a bit longer and iron out a couple more glitches. However, it had to go off to the film festival, so we now have a complete version.

    The material shot on the GH3 includes the first 3.5 minutes, the Lear Jet scene and the pistol assembly scene. The film is 15 minutes long, and it is suitable for workplace/family viewing, as there is no profanity and no nudity. It is a psychological thriller, so young kids won't get it. Anyway, here it is... let me know what you think. I was the editor, DP for the first 1/3, and the co-producer. I did the computer graphic seen in the Lear Jet, too.



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    I liked it!

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