Just a word of warning...

One of my faculty has a 2017 Mac Book Pro with an i5 processor. We were going to install MC 2019.7 on this so that he could do some prep. work and grading at home. Come to find out that the installer won't even run because his machine is not certified for this version. We've had a previous 2018.x installed, but upgraded the labs to 2019.7 this week and he wanted to use the same version.

For our use, the "low" power CPU shouldn't be an issue, we are using 1280x720/59.94 and no real effects that could be using a lot of horse power. Should have worked fine.

This goes for Full and First versions because they are a unified installer now.

And the Full version still can't open First projects, even though I can flip back and forth on my laptop by simply plugging in a dongle, or unplugging it, so all the information to handle the projects is contained in the installed version.

Time to go complain to Avid, they seem to be trying to lose out to Resolve each time they make changes.