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    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    Pretty much everyone fly’s A7 series on most of their gimbals(at least in the “TV” world where we’re shooting F55/5’s), but I don’t own one and don’t plan on buying one at this point, either. So I’ll be putting my 5Dmkiv on it. If I like it and really feel the need to get one of the A7 series, I may, but I don’t think those magically match up with F55’s that well anyway. I’ve done shoots with my F55 and 5D that matched better than a lot of stuff I’ve seen where they tried to mix F55/5 and A7-whatever.
    Cool. I've seen some great footage from the 5D MKIV! I think you'll like that combo. It'd be cool if you can post some job footage where you cut between your F55 and the 5D MKIV on the Ronin, if and when that happens. I've been back to
    not being allowed to post anything from what I've been shooting lately as one is being pitched to Netflix and some stuff for Fox, all NDA.

    I was hoping Sony was going to finally step up the A7 series to some 2019 specs instead of lame 2014 100Mbps 8-bit with the intro of the A7 SIII, but it appears that they won't be announcing that for IBC, at least that's what the rumor
    mill is saying. If I was buying a new mirrorless camera today, it would still be a GH5 or an XT-3, both have big boy video specs and aren't hobbled to protect the video cameras.
    It's a business first and a creative outlet second.
    G.A.S. destroys lives. Stop buying gear that doesn't make you money.

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    Sony’s turn to take it easy?

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