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    Another thing is that video captures change over time, so one shot can go from dark to light.

    For example, it is easy to isolate one moment, and avoid “hot” exposures, but the moment the operator wants to move around, or if light changes, the possibility for breaking the exposure latitude is pretty high.
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    Thankfully, Youtube's camera requirements aren't quite so stringent ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by James0b57 View Post
    I was looking at a beam splitter for a 3D rig, and began dreaming of overlaying two zcams for a rig that captures more dynamic range. I know there is a 5d or 7d video that was made for HDR video, but that was back when HDR was a dirty word.


    Found it. It is awful. This is when people went for this look on purpose.
    I've always hated HDR photographs, this is just the moving version of that,
    it looks so affected and unnatural. Ughh, hard to believe that anyone ever thought this was a good look.
    It's a business first and a creative outlet second.
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