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    Dedolight DT4-BI Problem
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    Hi all,

    Had a Dedolight DT4-BI give me a small problem yesterday. As normal, I'd hung this transformer/control box on the lighting stand by it's extendable "thick fishing line" loop. Either end of this loop is held captive inside the unit somehow and emerges from tiny holes, one on each side. It's a very neat and clever idea, except of course when it fails...I was talking to the client and then I heard it drop the 2-3 feet onto his floor! (thankfully it was wooden, not concrete or stone).

    The control box is built like a tank and seems to still work just fine driving my Dedolight DLED4-BI lamp after this knock - but I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

    The unit is about 2-3 years old and I lovingly baby/molicoddle all my gear so was slightly surprised this happened. I'm half-tempted to remove the pots and the screws at the end to get inside to see if I can fix it somehow but thought I'd ask in case anyone else has been through this issue before. Bit worried it'll be full of fiddly circuit boards and, as it still works, I don't want to risk screwing up!

    As a temporary measure I just used a cable tie to create a "tied off" small loop in the cable a few inches above the control box and hung it on that. I'd rather not let the (fairly weighty) control box hang by that for obvious reasons, if it's a potential simple fix.

    Pictures attached. Any shared experiences/ideas much appreciated. Thank you!
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