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Alex, are you saying you use the wireless mic receiver as an IEM? Do producers have any issue with not having a volume control knob? I'm looking to buy some IEMs and I was thinking why not just get more mic receivers, but was concerned about not having a volume control.
On the ew512 systems, which are the ones I’ve been discussing in this thread, the receiver has a dedicated headphone output (separate from the AF output). The up/down arrow buttons function as headphone volume up/down when not in menu mode (this does not affect AF out in any way).

On the ew112 systems, I have used them in a pinch but have patched the AF output through a Behringer P2 headphone amp. This is a bit of a kludge, but can work when there’s no better option.

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Alex, does the SMA mod really make that much of a difference? Other than having the ability to swap out whips and use a dipole antenna? Do you recommend doing both the transmitter and receivers?
I just have my receivers modded right now on my ew512 systems. I’ll probably do the transmitters once I get through my next big project.

It does make a big difference. The stock antenna is flimsy and starts to droop over time. It easily gets bent, crimped, and pinched in storage. All these things reduce signal efficiency. Adding a rigid SMA whip means a more durable and rigid antenna that will hold up for a very long time, the ability to quickly swap out if one does somehow get damaged, and the ability to remove the antenna for storage so there’s no stress when it’s in the box.

The SMA mods have given me better range and stability on location as well.

I do have my TX modded on my G3 ew112 kit, in addition to three RXs, since I use that as a camera hop system. For that system, I’ve put the articulated whips on the receivers so they can be mounted in just about any position on the camera and the antenna can be positioned to remain vertical.