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    Quote Originally Posted by TubEfingers View Post
    I didn't bring the SDXC cards for the EVA on a shoot, only had a standard class 10 SD that wouldn't work!
    The first thing I did when I bought V60 SD cards was to give away all my slower SD cards to prevent that situation from ever happening to me. V60 cards are so cheap now, there is no reason to still have the old cards around.

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    First day on my new job as a full time assistant when I was about 20 to a very busy very experienced cinematographer.

    Shooting a tennis promo for the Australian Open. We had the world number 1 mens player for 20 mins to shoot some material for promos.

    About 10 mins into the shoot I noticed the footage counter on the magazine hadn't changed (400 mags last 10 mins 40 seconds @ 25 fps)

    I realise I had only loaded the film, but not laced it through to the take up. I had to tap the DP on the shoulder and tell him he didn't have any of the footage he'd just been shooting for the last 10 mins.


    Drove all the way from Sydney to the Australian Institute of Sports in canberra for a swimming promo with Michael Klim for the 2000 Olympics for the same DP as above.

    Again, he was in training and the Olympics were only a couple of months away so we only had him for 15 mins. I go out to load the camera and realise I'd left the change bag back in Sydney, about a 3 hour drive away. We had start shooting in a short amount of time so I had to improvise.

    I used the DP's suitcase to make a kind of black bag and then proceeded to load the magazine amongst his smalls. Came in just in time and confessed to him what I'd done as I loaded the camera. Worked out fine.


    Shooting the AFL Grand Final on super 16 used to be a regular gig of mine. This is the Aussie Rules version of the Superbowl, 100 000 fans in one stadium. Like NFL films, it was pretty common that we'd typically shoot about 30-40 rolls of high speed super 16 film during a game for review and promos. (Pre slow motion video and pre HD)

    When the final siren went at the end of the game, I would run onto the filed and shoot the winning players, breaking down with tears of joy, hastily holding up their winners trophy and doing an impromptu lap of honour at the ground. UNloading that final mag, that had been rolling non-stop since the final siren, I realised I hadn't closed the door on the SR mag properly. Pretty hard to get a second take on that. Luckily it was mostly fine and had a bit of weird edge foggin for the last 30 seconds. (as the film gets larger on the take up side it gets closer to the gap in the door where the light comes in.)

    Dante Spinotti once told me he always asked his new hire loaders if they'd fogged a roll of film, and if the hadn't then he wouldn't hire them. Guess I'm at two strikes now...

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