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    RAID 1 and traveling

    I have 2 external hard drives set up as RAID 1 on Mac OS. I have a trip coming up soon, and will be wanting to take only one of my drives to back up my video files. My question is, once I return home and plug in the drive I took on my trip, what happens to the other drive in my array? Does it automatically mirror the new data I added while I was away?

    Iím Using disk utility as my raid controller.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I think you are going to be in for a world of pain. The 2 drives are seen as one by the computer. Once a disk is setup in any RAID, it is no longer available for use as a single drive.

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    Yeah, that's not going to work, you need both drives for it to show up in Finder. I got tired of working with RAID's. They seem to get corrupted too easily and burn out drives quickly. I find I rarely need more than the speed I can get from a single drive anymore, so what I started doing is getting two separate drives, and using Super Duper to make a copy, and then scheduled nightly backups of only the data that has changed that day. It can also eject the drive after backup so it can go to sleep and keeps the drive from burning out.
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