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    Recording SDI output from Shogun Inferno
    Hi, is there anyone else who has tried to record the video output from the Shogun Inferno to another external recorder like the bM video assist 5" for example. I just tried over SDI, with a prores raw 4K input from Fs700 downscaled in shogun and recorded to the VA on sd card in prores and HD. The quality looks identical to what I recorded on the ssd although there seems to be a little delay in sound. Could it be a clever way to do 4k to 2k downscale like you can do with the 7Q?

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    Yes, you can do that - especially if sound doesn't matter.

    I used to go straight into the 5" VA knowing it would record HD (back-up) while the camera(s) I was using would capture 4K.

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