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    Gh4 contrast shift
    Iíve been recording long clips with my gh4. The camera has been breaking them up into shorter clips. When I put the clips back to back on the timeline, they are frame accurate and seamless connect together, but thereís a contrast shif that I canít fix. Any idea how to fix this. I am editing in adobe premiere pro. Thanks!
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    I have shoot whole day event with the GH4, never notice the contrast shift. I just using natural picture profile.
    Btw the GH4 clips is not seamless, every clip is off by 1 frame. if 20 clips then at the end u will have a sec off.

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    Is it just that particular footage from one day of filming or you've noticed it from several days/weeks of filming long clips?

    Are all of the long clips affected?

    The first thing I would do to troubleshoot is playback the footage in the camera and/or via HDMI on a big monitor to see if I notice a shift anywhere in the footage. If I do not then I would use other editing software (if possible) to see how it handles the footage.

    If it's fine then you've narrowed it down to a Premiere problem.


    P.S. I updated my post because I mentioned something in the other one that only applied to PAL cameras.

    As far as the clips being seamless, they have to be at those file breaks otherwise the camera/software wouldn't work as it was intended to (which the OP suggests all is well there).

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