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    DVX clip length problems ??? help
    I have the DVX200 and UX180 camcorders what i found that the UX 180 can record a wedding party with one clip but the DVX200 can record the same party with more than clip each clip is about one hour and 13 minutes only, I mean the DVX 200 creates a new clip after about one hour and 13 minutes while in UX180 it continues recording in the same clip until we stop recording .
    How to make DVX 200 record the hope party with one clip as this important when filming with multicams ?
    my DVX 200 record format is MP4 and UX180 also MP4. Also I use relay recording and I use the same SD cards in both slots . Both SD cards are 128 GB , SanDisk Extreme Pro.
    but in UX180 it continues to record to one file until I press stop , while it DVX200 the length of the recorded file is
    one hour and 13 minutes only and then starts another file clip

    Please help

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    You cannot change the DVX200's behavior.

    What you're encountering is the maximum file size limit. The DVX200 is an older camera, the UX180 is newer. The UX180 has more memory in it, and can record longer file sizes. The DVX200 has to close the file after a certain length of time. The UX180 can go for a much longer time before it runs out of memory and must close the file.

    This shouldn't pose any problem for multicam use. The DVX200 will continue recording, and it will not lose any frames, it just records in a new file. In editing you place the files on the timeline adjoining each other, and it should have exactly the same number of frames and the same timecode as the UX180 file. It is more convenient that the UX180 can record all in one file, yes, but it should make no difference as far as the actual recorded content goes.

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    thank you

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