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    On the subject of dynamic range, I think I would settle for 12 stops.

    The Blackmagic cameras with global shutter had 12, but I read that they were plagued by fixed-pattern noise. Older DSLRs like the Canon 5D also had around 12, even a smidge less, yet they looked stellar when you shot in RAW. I've measured the dynamic range of scenes and keep coming up with 11-12, even in extreme situations.

    Now if a camera had global shutter and 13 stops, like the Blackmagic Pocket, then I would be happy as a clam.

    One thing I don't miss about CCD is vertical blooming.

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    Yeah I would love something with no rolling shutter.

    On the cheap end the Black Magic Ursa 4K looks very interesting. Pretty cheap these days too.

    If a camera came out with a genuine 11-12 stops of dynamic range and not terrible high iso performance that would be more than usable.

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