Hello Listers,

This topic was recently discussed for the new 350, that it is possible to get the user buttons assigned so that you can switch between expanded and focus in red. See quote below from a recent thread. Not finding anyway to do this on the 270 thus far, since there are no options when you set a user switch to focus assist. Seems like the only way to change between each is to go menu diving. Both functions work well enough, but I'd sure like to be able to quick switch as i use both depending. Any ideas? Am I missing this?


Quote about the 350:

" If you assign Peaking to one of the buttons and set the focus assist mode to Expand, then it is possible to have peaking enabled while the view is expanded (by pressing the Peaking button when in the Focus Assist mode). Or you can also do the reverse, and assign Expand to one of the buttons and use the Focus Assist button for Peaking. It would be nice if you could set the Focus Assist button to Expand + Peaking though so it wouldn't require two button presses for this though".