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I remember a few years ago the BMCUSER site tried using the very same theme it's using now, and it didn't work then just like it doesn't work now. That theme is broken, and everyone knew it was broken. It seems like this was just an intentional way to kill a strong Blackmagic supporting community. Simply reverting back to the old theme, or loading in a new one would fix it. It would only take a few minutes (I know, I ran a vBulletin forum for years, it's not complicated).
I don't remember any other theme, but that's interesting. vBulletin is simple and I figured 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time for a task that's probably done by someone on their own time for free (or low pay).

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I mean, why not just take down the site at this point? It's not getting fixed. We're not getting updates. Just kill the site.

You're all welcome to head over to reddit.com/r/bmcuser if you all want. There for anyone.
Sometimes you want something to stop functioning for your best interest, but not necessarily erase its history. (I'd rather see it up than not if it's done for good.)