Guys, I would shoot a grey card and expose for that in Cine EI. Any underexposed image will lead to artifacts, and your hand looks -3 -4 stops. If you are reducing sharpening you are shooting in custom mode, and who knows what else may be active in your menus.

I would do the following:
Camera in CINEEI
Base ISO

Shoot a grey card. Meter and match lens to meter.
Check for FPN

Shoot a grey card. Meter and underexpose by 1 stop

Shoot a grey card. Meter and underexpose by 2 stops.

and so on. Try in 24p and 50/60p. You may need to expose closer to middle grey. Dunno... but yeah, something is going on and shooting random subjects is not going to give any conclusions.

If you guys test the above, pos the results, cause now I can't wait to know. I swear I will do the same for the F35 so that we can all see which one is better or not... Have a great weekend!