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    Editing 4K Video on a MBP via Remote Desktop to a PC
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    I was curious if I could do a quick edit on my MBP laptop over WiFi to my Win10 4K editing machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop:

    1. On the MBP download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 (MRD) from the Apple Store
    2. Enable Remote Desktop access on the PC
    3. On the Mac, run MRD and add the PC via IP address (I couldn't get to work with the network machine name which normally works through Finder)
    4. I set MRD to take advantage of the Retina display in MRD settings
    5. Start PP CC while logged in locally on the PC and load the project. When starting remotely, PP CC would not render any graphics, audio, and would not play
    6. Once the project loads, on the remote machine, connect via MRD
    7. In PP CC while connected remotely with MRD, set the Audio Device Input to None and the Output to Remote Audio

    I was able to complete the edit fairly smoothly with this setup via WiFi on my laptop, including checking critical audio using headphones. Now I can do 4K editing (with 1DX II footage: pretty heavy on CPU/GPU) from anywhere in range of WiFi.

    This will work with desktop Macs too.

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    Look into the options to join the current session for remote desktop, I could give you the windows command, but not sure if it translates to the Mac client. I need to do this on my servers running AP News ENPS software, they are designed so that they must be logged in locally or the server doesn't serve data properly (yes bad design but they haven't fixed it in over 10 years of complaining).

    For Windows you can either use a check box in the GUI client, or launch from a shell (command prompt)

    %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe /noConsentPrompt /shadow:1 /control
    Alternate is the /admin variable. But again, not sure how this applies from a Mac client or Linux client, I'm all Windows here except for a couple of FreeNAS servers for file shares.

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