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    HMC 150 adjusting spotlight mode?
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    I'm still using some HMC150s for low end dance recital events.

    In the old DVX days we set the cameras on Spotlight mode and it worked fine keeping the dancers from being over exposed with the inconsistant, changing stage lighting and they matched.
    However when the HMC150 cameras are set to Spotlight mode they expose too bright and skin is overexposed.

    Is there a setting to turn down Spotlight mode a bit so it will continue to auto adjust the iris but just overall darker?

    Most of my help is not very skilled so I'd like to have them run in some type of auto iris. Plus the screen on the HCM150 is so lousy it's very difficult to judge exposure on wide shots where you can't see the zebras on their skin. Waveform on a bunch of little people on a black stage is also faint. I really don't want them shooting manual iris and getting the exposures of the cameras all over the place, either. Nor do I want to just pick a constant "safe" f stop to have them shoot the whole recital because the lighting is inconsistant so some dances will be way too dark.

    I've been running an external monitor on my camera and riding the iris manually but I don't want to try that with the other help.
    Seems Spotlight mode would work if only I could turn it down a bit.

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    Is there an A.Iris Level menu setting in the HMC150? It's been a few years and I don't remember the details. If so, that does what you want, but I don't know if it will work together with SPOTLIGHT mode or not. It does what you're asking when in normal auto-iris. It's possible it will do it in SPOTLIGHT auto iris. Worth a try.

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