I personally was not able to make the purchase. Even though it was confirmed, my bank account was charged, PayPal said they received it, Adorama still claimed to not receive the money.
After a few days, they just cancelled it. Their customer service wasnt the most helpful as they seemed to have no idea what was happening and telling me the same thing over and over that its not a problem on their end, when it clearly was.
Additionally, telling me that I am getting a refund back, when I wasnt. I had a open a dispute over PayPal before they finally agreed to refunding my money.
It seems as though they didnt know how to do a refund, thinking that a cancelled item will automatically issue me a refund when it wouldnt.

In the end, I cancelled my order.
Sure, it'll be faster to get my item from Adorama, but its also going to cost me more than $200 extra in comparison to B&H.
I am also able to return my item if needed, but whatever. B&H seems like the way to go even though it'll take longer to get here.