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    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    It’s insane what rental houses rent gear out for. Especially looking at the depth of inventory they must keep, responsibility & expectations(hey the camera just died, we need another here 5 minutes ago) and the even more ludicrous discounts they give for long term rentals, where they are all but giving the gear away for free
    Its occured to me that we mortals think a camera might be $50k list price.. a rental house probably gets it for $35k.. or even doesnt buy it all.. because its some deal with arri to split the income and give it back after 36 months.

    Got $100g rotting in the bank at 3%? Buy a set of cineprimes and slop em into a house.. if you get a return of 6% and they dont depreciate.. thats better than a bank!


    As for the Classic - Im not too sure.. your customers need PL glass - a big head and all the gubbins.. they probably can afford a mini.

    On the other hand its a solid 200FPS? Thats better than 180FPS of blurro-slop on the FS7.. so id get one at $80 a day for some of my studio shoots!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Feeley View Post
    But R&G, Chater rents Venice and Amira Premium bodies for about $1,250/day.

    They're a solid profitable house. And they're super good about figuring out what cameras can actually earn back their cost during the dozen(ish) months any camera is hot...

    What a biz!
    My comment wasn't specifically about that rental house, just rental houses in-general. I mean in that specific example, it's an old camera that doesn't get asked for much and I'm sure has been paid for and depreciated and anything it brings in now is gravy, but I was making a larger comment about the rental house industry, like "3-for-7"(and cheaper), etc. Maybe it's just because I don't work on "that side" of the industry(narrative/commercial), but it just doesn't make sense to me how you have millions of dollars worth of inventory and send it out, for sometimes months at a time, and you're only getting paid for days or maybe weeks, in total. It would be like if a client called me up and said I want you on this 21 day shoot, but we're only going to pay you for nine days.

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