I was really hoping that somebody can help me out and provide details of an external monitor that can flip the image both vertically and horizontally? I need to take an image of a projection from an old large format lens which is back to front and upside down...

Similar to this project mentioned here...


In it, he mentions the Feelworld FW759 monitor and in the specs they do mention what looks like such a feature ( Image Flip (H, V, H/V) ) but when I rang an Australian reseller, they told me it was unable to do this..


Also, as I would largely be using it for stills, I would prefer something that enabled me to crop the image to something closer to a 5:4 ratio..

My current camera is a Fuji GFX which has a native 4:3 sensor, is there a monitor that enables me to see exactly what would be on the rear LCD of the camera?

Apologies if any of this is ridiculously basic, is a pretty new area to me.

Thanks so much in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!!