have any of you guys out there tried any 3rd party wifi dongles with CX350?
I thought I even saw a link on some Panasonic page for a list of 3rd party dongles, not sure if it was .co.uk or .com, and it could have been just a dream since I can't find it now even if I spent hours looking....
I need to find out if there is better or worse dongles, and if it is possible to use it with a Glidecam/Steadicam while doing live sports in an NDI based system. Yes it will depend on how many spectators and what not. But we have WiFi 6 showing up on the market and we have been testing a bit with mesh network. The days of HD link whatever could be over :-)

If only Panasonic could fix the remote zoom issue fast, and if WiFi acctually works, we are close to GOLD for many many different productions.