On my laptop I ingest and and transcode to ProRes on import and it automatically relinks the original MP4 with the transcoded .MOV.

This is important to avoid LongGOP.

However, sometimes some of the files relink back to the original MP4 and not the transcoded ProRes (I think this happens if I quit Premiere while media encoder is still working). As well, on copy to PC and work with files, about 30% are linked to the MP4 originals and not the transcoded ProRes.

* I CANNOT REATTACH AS PROXY *. This is critical because proxy does NOT support Interpreted Frame Rates (I shoot at 59.94 and interpret to 23.976). If you attach as proxy it screws this over.

Without manually clicking through each and every file to replace it or force link it to the transcoded directory, is there a way to have premiere utilized the ingested/transcoded ProRes versions of these clips that aren't playing right?

It seems to do this automatically and intelligently with files that had Media Encoder AND Premiere open during ingest, but not those where Premiere was closed, and the option seems to be invisible...