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    What "name" actors are currently working with indie filmmakers?
    Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, Sally Kirkland, Tom Sizemore, Vinnie Jones, Vincent Pastore, Erin Gray and Jay Underwood were some names from a few years ago.

    Who else have you seen recently?

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    Mel Novak, Gary Busey. I haven't seen them, but a producer friend says they'll work with indies for 10K per day. It's too rich for me right now, but something I'm hoping to achieve soon.

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    A couple of things to keep in mind is many well known actors need to qualify for health care thru sag, so if they are a 1000$ short at thanksgiving they may take a part for little pay they might not have considered six months earlier. If actors are doing a lot of quality theatre work you may be able to get someone very well known to work with you if the writing grabs th attention. A quick perusal of the casts of the decade of mumblecore indies will give you hundreds of known actors willing to work with indies on lower budget films. A friend got a very well known actress that starred in a bunch of blockbusters to do a day for 2k. She was between agents and liked the script. Six months earlier or later and no way she would have done it as cheap or possibly at all.

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