If you're looking for review of the latest Sony camera, you'll find dozens of them. If you're looking for distribution information... good luck.
I've been looking for a competent review of stock footage companies` licenses, and Google gave me the stink-eye. This may be the world's most active forums on distribution, hence the best place to ask.

1. Many of the stock footage firms started upselling much more expensive licenses, and a main "feature" is that they're for a "company" as opposed to an "individual". Personally, I couldn't figure out anything in the license itself that makes that distinction; and mind you, in the US, the moment you issue an invoice to someone, congratulations, you're a company.

2. The last feature I worked on sold to one of the mini-majors, and I helped with clearances. The studio required a waiver of enjoining / injunctive relief: "All [stock footage] licenses shall include language that prevents injunctive relief and shall preclude the licensor from terminating the license." (They explicitly required it in all contracts & agreements, stated 5 times throughout the distribution agreement...)

- Have you heard of this requirement before? Is this a real issue relevant to all filmmakers out there, or a quirk of their lawyers being stricter than prevailing distribution terms?

- Are you aware of any stock footage company that offers this term as part of their standard license agreement? (Last time, for example, I had to contact Audio Network to issue us a custom license addendum.)