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    Shot on 7D Thriller "The Ascent"
    Hey everybody!

    So, way back in 2013 we shot this feature film entitled The Ascent, a detective supernatural thriller, micro budget, in Los Angeles.

    The shooting budget was $13k. Principal photography was 13 days. Pick up days happened here and there.

    Post was a slog! We took years, as we did not have the budget set aside for a proper editor- we went through two editors, who could only work part time with our budget for post.

    2017 we finally had a finished film. 2018 we took the film around the world to Film Festivals. 2019 we got the film on Amazon Prime Video.

    If you are so inclined to check it out I would be most grateful. You can check out the trailer on the Amazon page as well.

    We shot on the CineStyle Preset, and then graded in Resolve. Used mostly consumer grade lenses, shot two cameras for a lot of the interrogation scenes.

    Any questions regarding the production I will be happy to answer as well!

    Thank you thank you!!


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    Now available on Vimeo On Demand!

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