Hello friends,

I am a first time filmmaker and just completed my first feature length documentary. At this point I am seeking distribution and am doing my best to navigate through these unfamiliar waters.

After getting lots of "No's" from various sales agents, I finally got my first yes this past weekend. Ironically, I just got a second yes from another sales agent this morning, and now I am trying to figure out how to handle two offers.

Neither of the contracts stipulate that we cannot work with other sales agents, but my question is, is this typically a good idea to do so? Or do most sales agents typically expect loyalty from filmmakers without seeking distribution elsewhere after signing a contract?

Since this is all so new for me, I am just trying to learn best practices without coming off as super inexperienced on the phone with these companies. Any other advice from seasoned professionals?

The two sales agents I am working with are Film Options and Arthouse cinematheque, both based out of Canada (if anyone has any experience with them, please let me know how it went!).

Thank you,