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    Using a Senneheiser EW100 G3 with iPhone8 using products from Best Buy?

    I've been thrust into a situation in which I need to very quickly and without warning, use a Sennheiser Wireless EW100 G3 kit with an iPhone 8 to record interviews.

    I am in a very rural location, with only a local Best Buy and Walmart at my disposal.

    As far as I know,

    Would this work?

    Take Sennheiser Receiver, use the 3.5mm output on it.

    Take that, and plug it into this.

    Apple USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

    Then that that USB-C, and plug into this?

    Apple 1m (3.3 ft.) Lightning to USB-C Cable (MQGJ2AM/A)

    I am new to the whole world of USB-C and USB 3, so I've been getting messed up by the ports.

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    That sounds like a lot potential single points of compatibility failure. I would try the Belkin adapter linked below first. I haven't used it but I have heard pretty good things about it. Be sure to test while you are charging and also without a lightening charger connected since these consumer grade devices tend to be finicky.

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    Why the need to adapt between lightning and USB-C? The iPhone 8 still has lightning.

    If your local Best Buy is well-stocked, they should have a decent selection of mobile accessories for content creators. If they have the IK Multimedia iRig series, check those out. They work very well, and will give you XLR input and headphone monitoring.
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    BTW, I think the iPhone 8 uses the 'Lightning' connector, which is different from USB-C... though I've read Apple may adopt the USB-C soon.
    I don't know about the iPhone 8 but I have fed the output of a G3 EK100 portable receiver to my iPhone 6s. I needed to build a custom cable with a 3.5mm TRS to TRRS plug. A few weeks later I saw adapters on eBay for a few dollars, I bought one of those and that worked as well. There are similar low cost adapters for lightning (or USB-C) that have a 3.5mm.mic in and HP out
    BTW, I used the Tenacle sync recorder app, which records audio and TC with or w/o the external TC lock box and has manual record volume control.
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    Thanks everyone!

    I was able to get it working using this:

    ROCCAT - Juke Virtual 7.1 USB stereo Gaming soundcard & headset adapter


    Apple - Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter - White

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