Bringing in the client's Little Sister or Next Door Neighbor to act can only get one so far. I'd like to start working with more actors while shooting b-roll for some of my mid-range corporate projects and I want to make sure that the actors are getting compensated fairly. The videos in question are mostly shown at tradeshows or posted online.

For those who are producing and hiring talent, what are some of the best practices that you follow? Do you offer buyouts/residuals/time-limited agreements for this type of work? If so, how do you sell these concepts to a client that is already used to getting free and unlimited use of your footage? How do you keep track of residuals and time limits? What does this language look like in a contract?

Before I went out on my own and was working on bigger budgets, it was all buyouts and residuals. But we had a whole contracting department to deal with that, so I'm learning a lot of this for the first time. I appreciate any insight.