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    FCPX with Mojave on iMac with Nvidia graphics card
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    So - wondering if anyone else has run into this issue... I have late 2012 iMac with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX. (it came with this graphics card - I haven't somehow installed this myself).
    Since the release of 10.14 Mojave - it seems Apple hasn't given the green light to any CUDA support or firmware update for Nvidia - and from some discussions online - it seems they never will:

    Just wondering if anyone in similar situation has updated to Mojave and if so, what kind of performance issues they might be having now that they didn't when running High Sierra. Also seems Apple sort of dictating end of life to older iMacs (at least this one).


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    I have a similar MBP. CUDA is done on OSX moving forward. You still have OpenCL and Metal support, and while OpenCL might be faster in Resolve ( ), I haven't seen much difference between Metal and OpenCL in PP CC. As a developer, my understanding is that Metal should be the fastest once application software is optimized specifically for Metal (which can take some time). For example, I ported some GLSL code to Metal, and just got it working. For higher performance I'd rewrite the code to use specific Metal features.

    In terms of EOL hardware, I still have a 2008 MacPro in my office that's used for guests- pretty much just a web browser / word processor box now, and not many options for software updates.
    Looks like Sierra, Win7/10, and Ubuntu can be installed to freshen things up:
    So that's an option for some older Macs to keep them useful.

    With a little more work, even Mojave can be installed: .

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    Same specs here.....
    Exactly the same iMac and updated to Mojave.
    No performance issues but FCPX is slower.
    Plus I lost both mini display ports.
    I had an appointment last Sunday at Apple with no good news.
    The guy there was not able to run the tests on my machine.
    He tried to install High Sierra go.
    It was a bad experience this visit to the store.
    He told me to leave the Mac there because maybe I have a bad motherboard......927$ plus tax.
    I told him it's not the motherboard because everything happened AFTER this Mojave experiment.
    So no I'm stuck with this iMac WITHOUT an external monitor and hard drive.

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