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Cows emit methane which is a more serious greenhouse gas than CO2 so I see the implied connection however I recall the white contrails reflect solar irradiance thus mitigating somewhat local temperature. As for chemtrails I asked a believer at an End the Fed rally what was in them. Drugs, he said, probably tranquilizers. They need to increase the dosage.
Jet exhaust is a form of pollution, though, like automobiles, each new generation runs cleaner. Modern turbofan jet engines are significantly cleaner than the older turbojets. For example, the classic 707 would leave a streak of black as it flew through the sky. Modern engines are clear (except at altitude- the controversial trails).

707 (black smoke):

737 (clear):

Silver iodide is sprayed in clouds- to precipitate rain.

As for aluminum and barium being sprayed- it's possible those are jet fuel additives, though not very likely it's being loaded into special tanks and sprayed. When I did heavy metal testing, I found I was high in barium and aluminum (along with other metals) and was curious where the barium came from as I never had any barium related procedures (figured aluminum was from food and beverages, mercury was from amalgams and fish, etc.). In addition to fluoride, there's lithium in some water supplies (and sadly in some big cities high levels of lead (Newark, Detroit, Flint etc.). Not dismissing the possibility of (toxic) chemtrails; there are other pollutants/toxins/drugs in our food and water that we could focus on to clean up where the evidence is clear and present. Chemtrails could be part of a disinfo/distraction campaign (along with flat Earth etc.). For those skeptical about disinfo campaigns, see Mirage Men: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2254010/ .

Future jets based on electric engines and perhaps carbon nanotube supercapacitors or similar will have zero emissions.

If zero point (or similar) energy systems are made public, along with electrogravitic propulsion systems (using high frequency electromagnetics to reduce apparent mass/inertia while creating thrust (see "UFO" videos earlier in this thread)), then public travel will be possible with zero carbon footprint or pollution. There will still be manufacturing related pollution, so we'll still need to invent/implement technologies which can clean up the byproducts of making things.