Been waiting for this movie since I've been unexcited for most superhero movies for a long time. Ones with a different angle still get my attention.

1. When the 14 year old turns into Shazam they are two COMPLETELY different characters. Played absolutely, entirely like different characters. It continually had me scratching my head the whole movie.

2. Main character has a subplot that we know the answer to very early on. It's pretty much 45min or however later until it's 'solved'. Very weird this got through.

3. This is more a gripe in general with many movies but it seems that the 'rambling type' of humour just won't quit. I get so sick of the exact same sense of humour bring used so often in movies.

My friend saw it at a other session and thought it was really forgettable, I didn't dislike it like he did but wouldn't tell people to go see it. That said I think most kids that are into heroes would enjoy it.

3/5. Average.