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    FCPX and the Intensity Shuttle
    I use the Intensity Shuttle With Premiere Pro and everything works great. The Intensity Shuttle does work with FCPX but not like I had hoped. If I did not have Premiere Pro to compare it to maybe I would have thought FCPX worked fantastic. I guess it is buyer beware. Maybe FCPX works better with AJA products. I am not bad mouthing FCPX. Just sharing my honest thoughts. I expected better. Having said that does anyone here use the Intensity Shuttle with FCPX? Do you like it?

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    I have the USB version and with Resolve it switches the output mode when you switch timelines just like you are getting with Premiere. It actually seems to work pretty well for a USB device. Not sure if the Thunderbolt version is very much different. As far as the Intensity goes, the only thing I could ask for that isn't present is an HD-SDI input/output to allow me to get away without a converter on those few times where I want HD-SDI. Would just make life a little easier around the broadcast gear that I have at work. Alternate would be USB power output to power up a micro converter.

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    Thanks for your response and letting me know about Resolve. Edius will switch automatically as well. I think FCPX is the only NLE that has this problem. It is buyer beware. I was surprised at the poor implementation. I will say it does work but I expected much better from FCPX.

    Premiere Pro has an extremely flexible export method allowing me to use use odd aspect ratios and resolutions. Edius will not allow me to use the Intensity shuttle for anything other than the broadcast compliant standards. Resolve might be able to work like Premiere Pro (link below).

    I am using the USB 3.0 version of the Intensity Shuttle. Having said that I think BMD should make something like the Intensity Shuttle with both the USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections instead of a USB and Thunderbolt version. They could then add a break out cable with BNC, SDI, XLR and RSS 422 deck control. One product that could replace six of their products.

    Having said that I do like the Intensity Shuttle and it was well worth the $180.00 I paid for it. I usually recommend it but for FCPX it might be to much hassle.
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