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I've had my 7q for probably 4 years and when I first got it, it seemed there was some kind of update, bug fixes, features etc every three or four months...or so it seemed, and that went on for quite a while. It seems to me that CD put a lot of their eggs in the FS700 basket and once the Fs7 came out and the FS700 slowly started to take a back seat...it started to get quiet. Then Mitch leaves and it got quieter, then FS700 gets mothballed and from that point on its been pretty much crickets. I'm just wondering how much of their market they lost when the 700 slowly faded. A 7q paired with an fs7 (which I also have) or an fs5 isn't a game changer...but an upgraded FS700 paired w a 7q was. But having said all that...I really do like the 7q, I still use it...just a tad concerned about its future.
Yes, it is an entirely different world now. Atomos is too far ahead with interesting recorders like Ninja V etc

Basically Convergent Design is starting to look like a one trick pony now for most people: the FS700

Which is now a camera fading from memory!

(yes there are a few others too it is great with like the C500 and F35, but they're only even rarer!)