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    LED dimmers
    I'm working on building some bi-color LED lights using 5050 strip lights, and I'm wondering if this commercially exists:
    Is there a single switch that would blend the output voltage between two different outputs? So, I input 12v at 15a, and having a switch that would allocate that 15a between two different outputs, fading between. Does that exist?

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    That's not something you can easily do off the shelf, at least not in the way you probably want. You can sort of do it by modifying a couple of off-the-shelf DC-DC converters with one of those dual-gang potentiometers in parallel with its onboard control pot. It'll sort of work; you probably won't quite get the crossfading characteristics you're after without some messing about with the details.

    It's probably not something we can do step by step on an internet forum, sadly.

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