I'm selling my 4 Coollight CDM150 Fresnels with bulbs. They output equivlent of 650W fresnels, but only require 150w, therefore cooler on talent and no risk at tripping breakers.

Kit comes with 4 ballats and 3 scrim sets. Great condition, all fully functional, no damage, and have been cared for.

Also included are 6 3000k 15030 bulbs (unused), and 5 6000k 15060 bulbs (unused), allowing you to change out bulbs for different color temp matching.

Total new cost ~$1900. Selling for just $800 + paypal and shipping. Houston, TX, US based.

My studio has merged with another and we are clearing out duplicated setups. They are absolutely fantastic and are in nearly new condition. They've lived inside a storage case while they weren't being used.

2019-01-06 Cool Lights For Sale On 1A.jpg2019-01-06 Cool Lights For Sale On 2A.jpg2019-01-06 Cool Lights For Sale On 4A.jpg