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    Westcott Flex 1x1 Daylight LED Mat - $290 Shipped
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    I have three of these Westcott Flex lights and love them, but am parting with this one to invest in some other gear. Very lightweight, flexible, and super easy to use. It works perfectly, and is in very good used condition. Some cosmetic surface scratches on the dimmer control and incredibly light wear on the finish of the light - all my units have this, I think it's simply from flexing them. It's obvious as with all my gear, I've handled them carefully. I am also including a Westcott Dimmer Extension cable (about $30). This is a great add-on as it extends between the light and the dimmer itself, giving you not only a longer run of about 16 feet for power, but the ability to control one or more units from a greater distance. I had one of those knockoff Foistian Flex 1x2 panels, and the 1x1 Westcott's absolutely blow it away in both output and color accuracy (to make naked eye, I don't have any light meters, lol).

    $290 shipped. I accept Paypal and ship to confirmed, continental US addresses only. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Westcott 2019-06687.jpgWestcott 2019-06702.jpgWestcott 2019-06693.jpgWestcott 2019-06697.jpgWestcott 2019-06689.jpg
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