We truly are living in a golden age of television. Here's a brilliant european series out of Germany, a collaboration between German state TV and the private Sky channel. Netflix scooped up the North American rights and set it loose January of this year.

This is the most expensive TV series ever made in europe at a budget of over 40,000,000 Euros. But boy is it worth it! It's based on a series of bestselling books about Berlin and Germany between WWI and WWII. The sets are out of this world, excellent acting, good plot, fabulous, absolutely outstanding soundtrack. Plus it is well directed! A rarity, as good directing in TV is rare to begin with, and the Germans have been particularly inept (as the shamefully incompetent direction of Fassbinder in Berlin Alexanderplatz proved - Fassbinder, now there's a puffed up mediocrity if there ever was one). Here the direction is outstanding.

TV budgets have been growing, not always to good effect. For anyone who wants to see how a bigger budget can be used to put value on the screen, take a gander at Babylon Berlin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! All IMHO and YMMV.