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    Quote Originally Posted by NorBro View Post
    Try editing with the 'P' position tool as mentioned above...turns if off, kind-of.
    I have used it.

    Not the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Bass View Post
    I would say if youre not going to work WITH the program, you probably want to go with something else. X works and pretty well but it also is designed to work a certain way and fighting it will not get you best results. That’s where the Premieres and Resolves come in. Not trying to be a snarkmonster 5000 here but seriously you would be buying something just to fight against one of its main “features”.
    This is spot on. When I left Premiere for Avid, it took me a while to adjust to the new paradigm. It works different and makes you think different. Once I let go of my old ways of working, my level of comfort increased drastically and now I think it's great.

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    I ran FCS and FCP X together for quit a while.
    Learning the FCP X method/paradigm.
    It was easy enough to grasp the newer method but as I recall it was years before FCP X was IMO mature enough to use in. the day to day.
    Since then, it has continued to grow up. Reckon it has moved from nappies/diapers to long pants.


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