Hi all Adobe Premiere users,

May I introduce a very special tool to you. Warning: for nerds only ;-)

The Adobe Applications Hack Tool. There are no illigal hacks or cracks, but usefull Project Management Functions for Adobe Premiere.
This tool alows you to manage your presets in Premiere, copy LUTs from older installations, search for files in Project files (directly without to open Premiere), modify Premiere Sequences, modify the Premiere Project File Version and much more.

Again, this tool does not really hack or crack anything, but makes your editing live easier. Many users already know my tool PrProBCC, the "Premiere Project Back Compatibilty Converter". This functionality is also included in the new AdAPP Tool.

For a more detailed description of all functions and introduction/tutorial video can be found on http://ntown.at/dev/adapp/ .


- Creative, Legacy, Technical LUTs

2. Convert Project Version
- Extended Range of version back to CS6

3. Sequence Modifier
- Sequence Resolution (also Preview Resolution)
- FrameRate

4. Extra Project File Functions
- Save Uncompressed Project

5. Element Searcher
- Clips Finder / Lister / Exporter

Watch the introduction video to get a better overview of functions and check out the shop (http://ntown.at/shop/) for pricing and compatibility.

PS: I'm always open for ideas for new functions for AdApp, so don't hesitate to leave me a message.

- creator of AdApp & PrProBCC