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    Consistent Underexposure Panasonic GX85 with Manual Lens
    I just got an all manual lens on my gx85, the slr magic 8mm f4. I had been using mostly the 12-32 kit lens before that. I am usually in aperture priority for video, with auto iso shooting vlogs under drastically changing conditions. I feel like exposure was never a real problem until I started using this much wider slr magic 8mm.

    Is this drastic underexposure a common occurence because you are onviously getting more of the bright sky for example in the backgeound with a wider lens? I have played with exposure compensation. This works ok when it is a backlit scene, but when i turn to a more even background it is too light. I also tried center weighted metering, and to my great surprise it did not even seem to make a difference, which is when i started to expect maybe the problem has to do with the lack of communication between the camera and lens somehow?

    Thanks for any input on this.

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    Here are some example shots cued up...

    I noticed this over and iver where it seemed to want to expose for the sky in the background

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