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    Quote Originally Posted by Zim View Post
    It's good to see lower end cameras and now phones making films that accually get some notice, like back in the DVX100 days when people like Steve Buscemi used a DVX100 to make Lonesome Jim or a XL-1s was used to make 28 Days Later by Danny Boyle. I'm glad it happens from time to time.
    Trust me, I am right there with you and again.. I feel like all those films that used DV back in the day like the (almost) entire filmography by InDigEnt out of NYC had a story and created something that worked. I have seen tangerine and I will say that its the ONLY iPhone movie so far to me that worked.. the image was s*%t but everything about that film to me worked... Soderbergh seriously I think is just hopping on a trend train shooting stuff on iPhones. High Flying Bird in the cinematography sense just didnt work for me. I commend people to use whatever they can to tell their stories, even if all they can afford is the phone they already own... good, get your story out.. all I am saying is that "I" have no interest in iPhone filmmaking, nor do i care for the cinematography of high flying bird. The end.
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    Let's gets some notes from the post house...
    Bill Totolo

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    Here is a good short interview with Soderbergh and shooting with the iPhone.

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    Soderbergh chooses cameras that remove obstacles from his film making process. Beginning, middle, and end of story.

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    i watched his latest netflix offering and i didn't "know" it was shot on an iphone 8s+ with a moondog adaptor and filmic pro.

    i enjoyed the film.

    i like basketball well enough.

    my wife could care less about b-ball.

    we watched it together and it was a clever twist on a sports star and agent.

    no, it was not "show me the money!", jerry mcguire.

    it had a much smaller vibe.

    i thought it worked.

    i have not seen the bts interview but i read it was three iphones 8s+, a few joby gorilla pods and a wheelchair which was used for dolly shots.

    small crew. small footprint. less weight for the actors to carry. have fun. get it done.

    i'm in.

    thumbs up.

    smalltalk productions/nyc
    the story is never black & white
    it takes Smalltalk to reveal the color

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