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    SR-PC4 card reader 10Gbe upgrade
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    Following bandpro's articles:

    Primer for Setting Up the Sony SR-PC4 and Choosing a Connection/Transfer Protocol

    How to Setup the Sony SR-PC4 for Ethernet Transfer

    Much of this should be familiar to those already using the SR-PC4 since it has a 1Gb/s ethernet port builtin. You can, however, upgrade this to 10Gb/s speeds rather inexpensively with the addition of a pcie card to your PC and to the SR-PC4.

    Since I'm on a Mac Pro, I chose the Myricom 10G-PCIE-8B-S card. I was able to find 3 cards with transceivers on ebay for a total of $130 and the requisite SFP cable on Amazon for about $15.


    I installed one Myricom card into the SR-PC4 and another into my Mac Pro tower keeping the 3rd as a spare. Hooked up the SFP cable between them and then followed bandpro's instructions.


    After successfully mounting my NFS share on the Mac, I was able to transfer my F65 files at a rate of about 300MB/s! Not bad for out of the box since my current RAID can only do 350MB/s write speeds.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.28.36.jpg

    Anyway, hopefully this helps others in getting their 10Gbe setup up and running.
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