Greetings DVX Users,

I have no projects booked for the next month or so, and wanted to have a try at selling my 1DC cameras again. I wanted to posted here in case anyone was in the market for a 2nd or 3rd camera to match their C100's, C200's, and C300's.

I've posted on eBay with no reserve, and the auctions will run till the end. Starting bid is $1,200.00.

A Camera with Less than 4,000 Shutter Acuations:

B Camera with Less than 1,000 Shutter Acuations:

They are in near-mint condition, and are wonderful cameras to work with. I shot mostly tripod-mounted, short form corporate interviews with them. The 1.3 Crop in 4K with C-Log is still unique to this camera, and I always loved the footage.

Best of luck if you bid on them, and thanks very much for your interest.