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    need 3 backdrop stand that is durable for our studio
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    I work for a school and we have a half assed little studio with a couple walls painted different colors. We want to add a 3 backdrop stand so we can have a green screen, white backdrop and grey backdrop all on one wall. The issue is there are hundreds of cheap knock off set ups and I want to get something durable that wont break for a long time and can hold 3 heavy rolls.

    So the two options i have been looking at:

    1. Impact varipole system - looks great but since we are in an office i dont think we can use the ceiling as a support for the side poles, is this a deal breaker for this setup?

    2. Impact wall mount system - seems like a great option but this is one of the higher end models i see on amazon and still see reviews that it breaks immediately, I dont know if it can handle 3 backdrops that are constantly being used.

    Does anyone have feedback on what they think we should go with? Also not sure what company/material backdrop we should choose? Im guessing just a paper roll? savage maybe? Do we need to stick with a certain width? 9 feet, 10 feet? (this one good or is there cheaper rolls?

    thanks for the help!
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