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Went to NAB this year and saw the CX350 there. A pretty impressive camera! It seemed it would fit very well into the event type work we shoot, so I did some more research on it when upon returning to LA.
Ordered one 2 days ago from Filmtools and am anxious to do some testing along side my DVX200.
We shoot a lot of concerts and other events, and it will be used alongside the DVX. I love the DVX200, however I am getting a bit "up there" age wise, and would appreciate the lighter weight of the CX350. So yes the weight was a factor.
Another factor was the availability of shooting in 422 10 bit in camera.
It also seems a bit better suited for the event world we work in. If it works out as well as I expect I will likely order at least one more.
Will post more notes on my results once it gets here.

I too own the DVX200 and am considering this new camera. I welcome your feedback as comparison between the two, as detailed as you have time for. It helps all of us when those with real experience using the camera's can supply their knowledge and experience.

Thank you in advance.