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    Quote Originally Posted by nutmegger View Post
    I don’t have any info I can share at this time.
    Mitch Gross
    Cinema Product Manager
    Panasonic System Solutions Company

    These are the fixes/improvements in future firmware updates I would like to see:

    1) Auto Focus: Auto focus is slow at times and inconsistent. I normally have the camera set to manual focus. When I use the "Push Auto" function button, the camera often remains in the auto focus mode for 4-5 seconds after releasing the button. On the UX90, the camera immediately returns to manual focus when releasing the Push Auto button.

    2) Focus Assist: Currently Focus Assist gives you the choice of enlarged display or peaking. I would like to see both enlarged display and peaking enabled by Focus Assist. I currently have Focus Assist set for enlargement and button 4 A. Iris Level mapped for peaking.

    3) Wave Form Monitor: The WFM is my preferred choice for setting exposure. It is too small to be useful as currently displayed. Hopefully, the WFM can be enlarged in a future firmware update.

    4) Zebras: Has anyone noticed when Zebras is enabled there is no icon displayed on the LCD to indicate Zebras is turned on? Please add an icon to indicate Zebras is enabled.

    5) LCD Screen: This cannot be fixed via firmware. The 3.2" LCD screen is too small for this camera. The LCD screen size used on the UX90 would have been a more appropriate size. Occasionally, when doing an interview I use my Ninja Blade as an external monitor for framing, manual focus, and determining depth of field.

    Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this camera. The CX350 offers a lot of bang for the buck.
    Regarding issue 1 I came across this while browsing Barry Green's CX350 eBook

    Page 196: "Some notes on autofocus: autofocus works better at faster frame rates; it works best in 50i/59.94i interlaced mode or 50P/59.94P mode. The autofocus system responds much more slowly when using slower frame rates (such as 23.98P or 29.97P) or when using slow shutter speeds (such as 1/12 or 1/8). The reasoning is simple: in interlaced mode or 50P/59.94P mode, the autofocus system gets fed sixty (or fifty in PAL/50Hz) updates per second. But in slower-frame-rate modes or slower shutter speeds, the updates come far more slowly: in 23.98P mode, the autofocus system only gets 24 updates per second; in 1/12 shutter speed it’s only receiving 12 updates per second. With less-frequently-updated information to work from, the autofocus system cannot respond as quickly to changes in the image."

    Page 197: "When in manual focus mode you can invoke the autofocus system on a temporary basis by pressing the PUSH AUTO button. If you just briefly press the PUSH AUTO button, the camera will attempt to quickly focus and then immediately return to manual focus mode. If you prefer it to go into autofocus mode for a longer period of time, you’ll find that the longer you hold the button, the longer autofocus will remain active; when you release the button it reverts to manual focus mode."

    I tried both the brief and long PUSH AUTO button test. On my CX350 the camera lingers in the auto focus mode for 4-5 seconds after releasing the PUSH AUTO button regardless if it is a brief or long button press.

    Update: Guess what? I changed the frame rate on my CX350 from 23.98 to 60p and the PUSH AUTO function returned to manual focus much faster, in about a second. Does the frame rate on other cameras affect the time it takes the camera to return to manual focus when using PUSH AUTO?
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